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courier_services Introduction

Please read these terms with care, in particular Clauses 1 to 10 which contain provisions defining, regulating and limiting the Company's liability in respect of any potential default and provide for an indemnity by you, the Customer, in certain circumstances.


In these terms where the content so permits the following expressions shall have the following meanings:
"Consignment": means any article or articles of any sort which may be, or be intended to be, received by the Company from any one consignor at any one address for carriage and
“Company”: refer to Klick couriers.
“Customer or Consignor”: refers to the person or company who is booking or sending the consignment.
“Recipient or consignee”: refer to the person or company who is receiving the consignment.

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and ConditionsCustomers are responsible for the payments for the weights which are above their stated weight.

  • Terms and ConditionsCustomers should be aware that Klickcouriers.com is an online courier and cargo consolidator; we are not necessarily in contact with your consignment.

  • Terms and ConditionsBooking a courier through us will allow you to take discounted charges.

  • Terms and ConditionsThe consignment will not be cleared until we receive full payment for the shipment

  • Terms and ConditionsCustomers cannot cancel the order during the collection or after the collection takes place.

  • Terms and Conditionsustomers should be aware that the volumetric weight will be considered when measuring the weight.

  • Terms and ConditionsCustomers are responsible for proper packing, security, marking, declaring the senders address on the consignment.

  • Terms and ConditionsCustomers should be aware that there is no guarantee for damage or breakage of goods. Customers should take separate insurance where applicable.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany does not incur any liability if the information given by the customer is incorrect.

  • Terms and ConditionsCustomers are solely responsible for all costs and expenses including the cost of returning the shipment

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany maximum liability for any loss or damage of the goods is £50 in respect of any one consignment

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany will not be responsible for delay in pickup transportation or delivery of shipment regardless of the reason for such delay.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany is not responsible for loss, damage, delay for reasons which we cannot foresee or which are beyond our control, including but not limited to acts of god, perils of air/weather or mechanical delay of carrier, acts of public enemies, wars, strikes, customs.

  • Terms and ConditionsIf the customer shipment involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw convention may be applicable to govern and in most cases to limit company liability for loss damage or delay to customer shipment.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany is not liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect damage or loss for example loss of profit, income, tender market, mental anxiety etc.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany has a right to open or inspect customer shipment.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany shall have lien on any goods shipped, for all the charges due to be received from customer, and refuse to surrender possessions of the goods until such charges are paid.

  • Terms and ConditionsAll claims subject to limitation of liability clause must be made by customer in writing within 14 days from tendering your shipment to us.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany is not liable to act on your claim until you paid all the charges.

  • Terms and ConditionsIf the recipient accepts your shipment without noting damage on the delivery record we will assume that the goods were delivered in good condition.

  • Terms and ConditionsCompany is not liable to report any proof of delivery after expiry of 30 days from tendering your shipment.

  • Terms and ConditionsNo hard copy of proof of delivery will be supplied after 30 days of shipment.

By booking the courier we are assuming that you are accepting our terms & conditions and appointing company as your agent for the purpose of custom clearance and if applicable customs duty should be paid.