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courier_services Shipping Gifts For the Christmas Holidays?

  • How do you feel if you receive the perfect gift, broken due to carelessness of the courier company? But is it possible to ensure that long-distance holiday shipments are problem-free this Christmas?

    Some Shipping Dos & Don'ts....


    Thus, a reliable courier service is very much required either to send gifts and parcels to your loved ones there or business documents and other parcels. Sending the parcels through courier is always safer and more reliable. It is much faster than the standard mail system.
    • Christmas Holidays Use a strong outer container - A corrugated fibre-board box with a good quality outer wrapping is best. Used or damaged cartons can cause problems. Wrap each item in the parcel separately. This provides more protection when as the movement of contents is minimized.

    • Christmas HolidaysDouble box the fragile shipments - When shipping fragile goods, the best way to ensure that they are not damaged in transit is to first box the goods, making sure to wrap them in bubble wrap, expanded polystyrene chips, polythene foam, bubble wrap, air cushions or crumpled paper around all items as this forms a good cushion against knocks and vibration. Fill the bottom of your carton with at least 5cm of Poly chips or similar. Put each item into the carton, making sure there is at least 3 cm between the item and the carton wall. Make sure there is at least 2cm between each item. Make sure all void spaces within the carton are filled. Then, place that box in a slightly larger one and surround the smaller box with crumpled paper or polythene foam, giving the goods inside an extra two layers of cushioning. Always use an outer container stronger than you really need.

    • Christmas HolidaysClearly label the interior as well as the exterior box - If the outer box is ripped or damaged, this extra step will ensure that your goods still get to their destination.

    • Christmas HolidaysClearly mark fragile items - Make it clear to person who handles your package that the goods inside are breakable.

    • Christmas HolidaysUse a water-resistant box - It is winter after all, the time for snow, sleet and rain and nothing is worse than a soggy gift. If you are unable to find a water resistant box, try to use a waterproof, plastic inner wrapping, like a large zip-lock bag or sealed trash bag.

    • Christmas HolidaysSeal the parcel well - Make an 'H' seal with 48mm/50mm-wide plastic or reinforced carton tape on both the top and bottom of your package. Ordinary household adhesive tape isn't usually strong enough.

    • Christmas HolidaysStrap and tape for extra protection - For heavier items you will need a strong outer carton, closed with tape. String around boxes isn't really suitable, but can be used around other wrappings.

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      Christmas Holidaysb>Last but not least - Use a dedicated courier.


    • Christmas HolidaysShip a partially full box - Boxes are often stacked on top of one another. If your packaged box is not filled to capacity with polythene foam, bubble wrap or crumpled papers, you run the risk of it getting crushed by a heavier box.

    • Christmas HolidaysShip perishable items or banned items - There are strict rules to be followed for shipping perishable items. If you are unsure, visit http://www.klickcouriers.com/Ban-Items